Teletown Hall Opening Statement from Local 36


If you logged in slightly after the start of the town hall we wanted you to be able to read the opening statement from your board member on the call, Joe Papariello:

“Thank the Chief for the opportunity to participate today. More importantly I want to thank our members for doing everything that they are doing day in and day out to provide the service to the residents of dc. Wearing an n95 and googles for one medical local is uncomfortable enough, let alone doing it 20-30 times a day coupled with the anxiety of the invisible enemy that we are working so hard not to expose ourselves, coworkers and family to. We must continue to adjust our response to ensure that our members have all the tools and ability to continue to protect our Nation’s Capital.

We urge the city treat the Firefighters/EMTs/Paramedics as the valuable asset they are. We will continue to work and lobby for members because we understand it is they who are essential to the city.