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Day in and day out, Local 36 members are putting themselves in harms way to protect life and property. Ultimately, we are protecting the quality of life and the economic viability of our city. The public counts on us and our members will always rise to the occasion to ensure we are there when they need us most.

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  • Hockey Benefit
  • Furthering our Labor Education
    A busy day for Local 36’s leadership team.  Several  Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs and Shop Stewards are representing L36 at the 4th District Conference continuing their education.   They are participating in lectures and working groups on Contract Negotiations, Communications, Leadership, Member Services, and Peer Support.  This education is vital to continuing  to fight for our members rights, safety, and well being.   Additionally, the President, Executive Board members, and committee chairs are representing the members in the Monthly Labor Management Meeting with the Fire Chief and his staff.   It is here where the President brings the members concerns...
  • Active Member Carl Braxton Services
    Services for Active Member Carl Braxton:

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