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Day in and day out, Local 36 members are putting themselves in harms way to protect life and property. Ultimately, we are protecting the quality of life and the economic viability of our city. The public counts on us and our members will always rise to the occasion to ensure we are there when they need us most.

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  • Open Streets DC
    Local 36 will have a tent (and hopefully Ice Cream!) at Open Streets on this coming Saturday.  Come out and support the community and enjoy the brotherhood and sisterhood!   0900-1300hrs.   
  • Brother Darbro Hospitalized
    Sergeant David Darbro (4th Battalion Aide - Platoon # 2) is currently hospitalized for an injury he received off the job. He is currently in stable but serious condition. He has been receiving many phone calls of support and concern but due to his condition, he is overwhelmed Additionally, with the COVID visitor restrictions, the many calls are interrupting his ability to communicate with his wife and family. We are asking everyone to refrain from calling or texting him until further notice. He and his family are very appreciative of all the support and assistance being shown. If trades are...
  • 2020 IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial-Sept 19th
    Tune in Saturday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m. (Mountain Time) for our 2020 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Virtual Remembrance to honor our fallen whose names will forever be etched onto our Wall of Honor. The broadcast starts at 10:50 a.m. (MT) and the program begins at 11:00 a.m. (MT). Three ways to watch: www.iaff.org/fffm20www.youtube.com/IAFFTVwww.facebook.com/iaffonline Members are reminded that no IAFF or Colorado Springs Local 5 staff will be at the site on the day of or days leading up to this year's virtual remembrance. While we won't be gathering in Colorado Springs for this solemn day, we can still be together in solidarity by...

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