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Day in and day out, Local 36 members are putting themselves in harms way to protect life and property. Ultimately, we are protecting the quality of life and the economic viability of our city. The public counts on us and our members will always rise to the occasion to ensure we are there when they need us most.

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The Executive Board of Local 36 held a wreath-laying ceremony at the Last Alarm Gardens this morning as a way to honor and remember all of the District's Firefighters that have given their lives in the line of duty. We hope you take a few minutes and watch the video below of the ceremony which is followed by the list of all the names of DC Firefighters that we remember and honor on a daily basis, but especially on this day.   If you are on the app, here  is a link to the video posted b...
If you logged in slightly after the start of the town hall we wanted you to be able to read the opening statement from your board member on the call, Joe Papariello: “Thank the Chief for the opportunity to participate today. More importantly I want to thank our members for doing everything that they are doing day in and day out to provide the service to the residents of dc. Wearing an n95 and googles for one medical local is uncomfortable enough, let alone doing it 20-30 times a day coupled with...
We are excited to announce that our retired brothers and sisters will now be able to pay their retired dues online with a debit/credit card. Visit here to pay: https://dcfirefighters.org/pay-retired-member-dues We are grateful that our retired members are our highest donors to the COPA fund and you are able to contribute on the page listed above in addition to your dues. Thank you for your continued generosity allowing us to support those that support us. We will still accept checks if you are n...

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