Dabney Hudson


What made you want to get into the union?

Initially an involuntary transfer was my motivation to become involved, however, working on the apparatus committee as well as the EMS committee strengthened my resolve to advocate for all of the members of the department.

Union Position Responsibilites:

Responsible for day to day operations of the organization as well as advocating for responsible legislation that will benefit the health, safety and well being for the entire membership.

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Charles Hottinger

Vice President

Union Position Responsibilites:

  • Chairman of the Board

  • Preside over all Board of Directors Meetings

  • Handle all pay issues with the department

  • Handle all PFC issues

  • Also work with all Executive board members on many other issues

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Joe Chisholm

Vice President

What made you want to get into the union?

I was always interested in being involved with negotiations of our contracts, rights for members and working conditions, and making sure our members are treated and represented fairly.

Union Position Responsibilites:

Member Discipline and other Assigned Duties.

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David Hoagland

Vice President

What made you want to get into the union?

My Grandfather was president of his local Carpenter’s Union. The importance of Labor as an advocate for workers was ingrained in me from a very young age. The importance of Local 36 was emphasized to me from my early days on the job and active members of Local 36 encouraged me to get involved with the Union. We are stronger together.

Union Position Responsibilites:

COPA, Collective Bargaining, Employee Grievances, day to day issues affecting the Local.

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Larry Sheldrake


What made you want to get into the union?

To serve and assist the membership in work place safety and obtaining life long retirement and health benefits.

Union Position Responsibilites:

To receive all monies of the Local from the Secretary giving him/her a receipt therefore. To pay all approved bills against the Local on vouchers signed by the President and Secretary. To maintain an accurate record of receipts and disbursements. To act as Treasurer on all Committees.

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James Gordon


What made you want to get into the union?

Wanted to be more involved in our Job.

Union Position Responsibilites:

  • Keep Records (BOD Minutes , Membership Data base, Shop Steward list)

  • Maintain the Unions official seal

  • Maintain Election results

  • Coordinator for members benefits (Dental, Optical, Pre Paid legal)

  • Work with IAFF Staff to maintain membership data base

  • Obituary notices for member

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Joseph Papariello

Sergeant at Arms

What made you want to get into the union?

Walter Webb asked me to do a project gathering the names and dates of all the members who had recieved bronze/silver/gold awards. Shortly after, there were some drastic changes that were impacting the membership that I felt we needed to stand up against and make sure the members voices were heard.

Union Position Responsibilites:

  • Manage building and association IT needs

  • Manage association social media

  • During meetings the sergeant at arms keeps order

  • Sets up the venue before the meeting starts and checks that everything is in order before other members arrive

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