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Statement from the family of Brother Eric McComas, Engine Company 21 Platoon 1
Eric suffered a severe medical emergency on Sunday, March 3rd. All medical interventions have not been able to address his health; therefore, the family has made the brave decision to donate his organs since his life's work was dedicated to helping others. ---------- Per the family's request, members wishing to participate in his Last Alarm Ceremony are welcome to attend in full dress uniform. The Last Alarm Ceremony will be the only event held in honor of Eric’s life that will be open t...

DC Fire/EMS Foundation Fundraiser
Please see the invite from the DC Fire/EMS Foundation for an unpcoming fundraiser in March!  https://www.allinenterprises.o...

Oversight Hearing Testimony
Today, President David Hoagland testified before the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety about the challenges and priorities facing the members of the DC Firefighters Association Local 36. Staffing, training, and resources are paramount as we strive to protect our community. President Hoagland emphasized the urgent need for sustainable solutions to address violence against responders, staffing shortages, and training deficiencies. Here's a short video clip where President Hoagland discus...

Class 407E
👩‍🚒Recruit Class 407E is fired up for their first day in the company on Sunday. 100% of these DC Firefighters joined the Local 36 family during our legacy presentation. Together, we're committed to serving members & continuing our rich tradition. Welcome aboard!  

Violence against firefighters
Today, The President of Local 36, David Hoagland, continued to speak out against the violence against our DC Firefighters. Our Fireifghters are being attacked while performing their vital duty—trying to help those in crisis. Thanks Tom Roussey with ABC7 News for hearing our story.

Baltimore Line of Duty Death
Our condolences to our brothers and sisters in Baltimore.   Please find the service info for Firefighter Pitts here:

Local 36 Hosts Cancer Screening for members
Did you know firefighting is a group 1 carcinogen? THAT'S SERIOUS! Last week, the DC Firefighters Association hosted United Diagnostic Services, LLC in-house to screen our members for Cancer and other dangerous issues firefighting has been proven to cause. Over 150 Members paid out of their own pocket for these scans to ensure they are in the best health for their families. Local 36 will continue to push to make these scans and other resources part of our department-provided physicals. Ea...