Brother Darbro Hospitalized

Sergeant David Darbro (4th Battalion Aide - Platoon # 2) is currently hospitalized for an injury he received off the job. He is currently in stable but serious condition. He has been receiving many phone calls of support and concern but due to his condition, he is overwhelmed Additionally, with the COVID visitor restrictions, the many calls are interrupting his ability to communicate with his wife and family. We are asking everyone to refrain from calling or texting him until further notice. He and his family are very appreciative of all the support and assistance being shown. If trades are needed, we will follow up with an additional email.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Captain Chris Anderson who is in close contact with the family. (E-11-1) at 240-687-5761.

We wish Brother Darbro a speedy recovery.

****Originally Posted September 29, 2020